March 14, 2017

Strange Ghost Rocket in Sweden

In 1980 a young swedish couple had a strange sighting at the lake Nammajaure. Still the mystery isn't solved but maybe it will be this year.

But first lets begin in May 1946, that's when a "ghost rocket" was first reported in an area north of Stockholm. Then, in the summer 1946, people outside Örebro saw a strange thing in the sky, it looked like a giant silver shimmering cigarr. Totally 997 observations were reported during that summer. 

Searching for the "ghost rocket" in Sweden, 1946.

But lets go back to 1980, that's when Liz Hellström and Bo Berg spend some time by the lake Nammajaure. They rested by the lake when they suddenly heard a strange whining sound from above. A giant cigarr shaped object flew over the lake. It was like someone manoeuvered it as it turned around and then sank down to the lake and disappeared under the water. The couple got so afraid that they left the area.

Drawing made by Liz and Bo after the event in 1980.

From Bo's diary July 31, 1980:

"Then something happened very strange! Suddenly, sweeps over our heads about 100 meters up in the air, some kind of robotic vehicle, at high speed. It goes out over the lake and then make a neat turn to the left and down and land on the water with a big splash and then drops. I would think that it was about 3 meters long and looked similar to this that I remember [subscription]. During the course of the time I saw it, I had time to think that it was an airplane, a cruise missile, a UFO. It sounded like an airplane but much weaker. The eerie thing was that it landed in the lake, we were sitting at. Both Liz and I saw it and thought it was weird. "

The couple contacted the Swedish Defence Research establishment FOA, but not much happend after that. Not until 1990 when a UFO researcher found the report and discovered similarities with the ghost rocket reports from 1946.

Since 2012 expeditions have been searching for evidens in the lake Nammajaure. The third expedition will take place in the autumn 2017. They already have found some tracks on the radar echo. It will be interesting to follow this and see if it maybe is some kind of early russian missile from 1946.

Radar echo showing something metallic.

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February 15, 2017

Full moon and strange dream

I haven't had any scratches for a long time, but I have had a weird dream again.

A man came and visited me in my dream. A tall man, almost looking like one of the statues in Persepolis. He was very angry and and he spoke to me in a strange language I have never heard before. I couldn't understand a word of what he said. But he scarred the shit out of me.

This was over in just seconds, at least it felt so. Then I woke up, wondering what the h_ll had happend. It took some time before I had calmed down so I could go back to sleep.

This reminds me of this event in 2013, when I was speaking to my friend in my cellphone. Suddenly the phone call was interrupted and I heard a strange and electronic voice screaming at me (very fast) in a language I could understand.

After writing this post I got a scratch mark on my right hand.

February 08, 2017

Hyper Sensitive?

Sometimes I can feel what's on other peoples minds and I pic up scents that no one else can smell. I can even feel that bad things are going to happen.

Last month when I had my breakfast I could suddenly smell a hint of charcol, like something was burning. I opened the windows but couldn't smell it stronger outside and I couldn't see any smoke. I felt this for several hours, but no one else of my friends could feel it.

The next day I watched the news and they said that very small particles from polish charchol had moved with the winds all the way from Poland up to Sweden the day before.

February 07, 2017

Weird things happen again

Is it possible to get raped or intruded by spirits? I have asked myself this since 2008, because that's when it started.

During the autumn 2008 our home became haunted. And one night, when I sleept on the floor in my daughters room, I woke up with terrible pain. It felt as "something" came into my body and forced itself all the way from my butt up to my stomach. It was so painful and something I never experienced before! I had pain even the next day.

A couple of months later I had moved (temporary) to another apartment with my daughter - because of all the hauntings. Then one night... it happend again.

Now, fast forward to januari 2017. I woke up again, in the middle of the night. Same painful experience! Since then I have had several ear tones again, I have also felt like I wasn't alone. And tonight it happend again; the same feeling of getting raped or intruded by something (through the rooth chakra?).

I have read about succubus, but I don't know if that is what I am experiencing. If anyone have any idea about this - place make a comment below.

January 02, 2017

Almost dragged into the darkness

About 3 weeks ago I went through another surgery. The night before that I had a strange experience again.

It began in the same way as it always does;

I was dreaming when I suddenly found myself in that darkness again. I could feel that a warm and strong hand took my right hand and tried to drag me into the darkness. I fought against it, but then I felt that "someone else" was pooking me in my waist. That damn pooking that have haunted me since I was child! I got so afraid. It was as if one of them was dragging me in to the darkness and the other one was tickling me so I had hard to fight back. It was scary, I couldn't see anything! Then finally I managed to get released and wake up.

Can anyone explain this for me? Why is it always completly black when I experience these things? I can only FEEL with my whole body, that something strange is going on. And that it isn't just a dream.

I have felt my body locked up in some kind of metal chair (about 3 years ago) and it was like "someone" told me (telepathy) not to fight against it - or I would feel more pain.

I have also felt metal sticks put up in my upper mouth (2008/09). When I began pulling them out, stick by stick, it was as if I passed out. As if I wasn't supposed to be aware of what was going on. Since then I have 3 bulbs in my upper mouth.

It's always in this black reality where I cannot see anything - or anyone! It's very intense but short. It feels like the experience don't even last for a minute.

For the first time ever, I have now more visitors from Russia than USA. Looks like you guys are very interesting in this kind of stuff :-) 

November 30, 2016

Disturbed again...

It has been calm for a long time, but this week I have had two paranormal attacs during the night. 

This is what happens:
  • My dreams are suddenly interrupted
  • I guess I'm in some kind of dream state, but it feels very real. The strange is that it's totaly black around me and I cannot see anything. 
  • Then I feel like "something" jumps at my back. It actually it feels like some kind of animal, with the size of a cat or a small monkey. Only ONCE I have seen a glimps of something looking like a huge praying mantis.
  • When I feel the poking around my waist it's hard, like "someone" is tickling me. Maybe because it want's my attention. It's really not a kindly toucht.

When was younger I often got paralysed during these events and had hard to wake up. I know that people call this "sleep paralysis", but I think it's something else.

I haven't yet understod why this happens. If there is a trigger, if it's something that I do that causes these events. But, this last week I have been reading some blogs again about UFOs and owls. It always happens strange things when I do that. And today when I meditated I got that beeping in my left ear again.

In my childhood I often experienced strange things right before I feel asleep. It felt as I fell into a huge spiral and everything just went round and round.

I wonder if the things I have experienced have something to do with the chakras, if they work as portals to other dimensions. Maybe the chakras are like galaxies and that they sometimes get "activated" so you get connected to other worlds?

June 30, 2016

It's getting worse...

It started about two weeks ago, and it feels like "it" is still around...

First that strange smell in my bathroom, then the bathroom lamp crashed down in the marble floor. Then several scratches on my foot and hands and a bruise mark on my arm.

Today I got a scratch mark about 11:00 AM. It was about 5 cm long, on my right hand. Just out of nowhere!

I still cannot understand what the trigger is, why this happens.  It just feels like some kind of bad spirit want to mess with my life - and maybe stop me from evolving. The only thing I can do right now is to stay strong not get upset, because I think these spirits feeds on our emotions.

Just a couple of days later I got another long scratch mark on my right arm. 

June 25, 2016

New scratch marks

June 17th it happend again, my bathroom lamp crashed down on the marble floor. BOOM! Bits of glass everywhere! It gave me a bad feeling, because this is what happend in 2008 when the hauntings began in my old flat.
After moving to my new apartment in 2010 it happend again, the bathroom lamp crashed down on the floor. And now again.

Actually it began already in the morning, with a bad smell from the bathroom. Just a hour later the lamp fell down. Later that day when I was using my vaccum cleaner in another room it was turned off.

This week, on Wednesday, I went to the beach and did some meditation. I remember watching the clouds and how beautiful they looked - almost like huge angel wings. When I came home I noticed a small scratch mark (1 centimeter long) on my left foot. It's very rare that I get this marks on my feet,

Anyway, next day at work almost everything went wrong. Lots of stress, conflicts and I almost crashed with the car. It was really a bad day. Just minutes after that car incident I noticed I had got another scratch mark (1 centimeter long), on a finger on my left hand.

Two scratches in 24 hours; same side, same lengh, same direction... What does it mean?!

Driving back home that day I found myself driving behind a car with the sign "HEL 666"... And was it just a coinsident that it was an accident on that same street two hours later?

I don't know but sometimes it feels like it's not just those scratch marks - but that something else (bad) comes with it, that influences in other ways. Still I cannot figure out what its all about. The only thing I can do is keep on making notes of it and see if I can find a pattern.

Update June 28th, 2016 (3 days later):
Today I got a new scratch mark on a finger - again on my left side.

June 19, 2016

Waking up with strange sounds again

Tonight it happend again. I had a dream and suddenly I became aware that I was waking up. But the next second I found myself in another dream, in another place. I was laying on a kitchen floor, looking up on a cupboard, wondering where the h_ll I was. As soon as I found myself there I also heard the noise from a refrigerator. I knew it was just a dream and as I continued waking up the sound from the refrigerator went away. Then it was like I moved back and forward, from the dream to the reality and the noise from the refrigerator followed the dream. It was so strange.

Lately this has happened more often. Once I felt like I was stuck in dream, it was so real and I really tried hard to wake up. When I couldn't I thought that I have had a stroke or was loosing my mind. It was so scary, not beeing able to come back to the reality.

Another night I woke up in a strange state where I knew where I was (at home) but it was like I drifted in and out in time. I knew I was in my bed but as soon as I "drifted away" I could hear someone working in my kitchen. And I could controll and change my "state" by will.

Sometimes I get afraid, because I wonder if it's possible to get stuck in that other state/time. What will happen to me then? Is it some kind of astral travelling that I'm doing?

Yesterday an old nightmare became true. A dream that has been haunting me for at least ten years. In the dream I am inside our old family country house and a huge excavator is tearing the whole house down. In the dream I always run down to the sea and swim away. In real life my brother forced my father to give this country house to him, just before he died. And yesterday I found out that my brother has teared that house down, with a excavator... Everything is gone. So I guess the nightmare became true. Maybe that dream will stop haunting me now.

May 29, 2016

Psychic attack through the chakras?

Tonight it happend again, someone was  poking hard in my back. 

This has happend so many times, since I was just a little child. It feels like someone is attacking me while I'm sleeping. Most of the time I cannot see anything, just feel that very unpleasant feeling of someone/something poking  in my back or waist. Like they are trying to dig into my body. Actually, it feels like some kind of psychic attack/astral abuse.

Once I could hear and percieve a huge praying mantis jumping on my back. It only lasted for some seconds, then it was gone. Another time I heard a woman and a mans voice. But most of the time I cannot see or hear anything, it's just that very unpleasant feeling of someone/something touching my back.

A psychic woman told me that these beings (doing this) comes from other dimensions. She also believed that we have portals to other worlds - in our bodies. Maybe our chakras works as portals? And maybe we are more vulnerable while sleeping or doing meditation.

Anyone else who has experienced this?