February 15, 2017

Full moon and strange dream

A man came and visited me in my dream tonight. A tall man, almost looking like one of the statues in Persepolis. He was very angry and and he spoke to me in a strange language I have never heard before. I couldn't understand a word of what he said. But he scarred the shit out of me.

This was over in just seconds, at least it felt so. Then I woke up, wondering what the h_ll had happend. It took some time before I had calmed down so I could go back to sleep.

This reminds me of this event in 2013, when I was speaking to my friend in my cellphone. Suddenly the phone call was interrupted and I heard a strange and electronic voice screaming at me (very fast) in a language I could understand. If they are angry and want to tell me something, can't they at least talk to me in a way that I understand!?

After writing this post I got a scratch mark on my right hand.

February 08, 2017

Hyper Sensitive?

Sometimes I can feel what's on other peoples minds and I pic up scents that no one else can smell. I can even feel that bad things are going to happen. Not always, but sometimes.

Last month when I had my breakfast I could suddenly smell a hint of charcol, like something was burning. I opened the windows but couldn't smell it stronger outside and I couldn't see any smoke. I felt this for several hours, but no one else of my friends could feel it.

The next day I watched the news and they said that very small particles from polish charchol had moved with the winds all the way from Poland up to Sweden the day before. Is that what I could smell?